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Link building case studies

3 highly effective link building strategies in the travel industry

Most people in the travel niche have difficulty building quality links to their site. Even the big brands are struggling. If you check out some of the link profiles of the bigger brands you’ll be amazed at what crap links help them rank.

In the last couple of years I worked for mostly sites in the travel industry and along the way I experimented with a lot of ideas I had on building links. Some of them worked, some didn’t. Some of them though, worked really well. In this post I’ll highlight the 3 most effective link building strategies in the travel industry I have found to date.

The secret behind all link building techniques

Basically all link building techniques come down to one single mindset. And that is asking yourself the following question:

To what group of people is my site/content useful? And on what sites do they hang out?

Sounds simple right?

But most people do it wrong.

Most people focus on relevancy in terms of content, what you need to look for is relevancy in terms of context.

If your site contains holidays to Greece, most link builders will search for sites about Greece and see if they can get their link on there. This is a rookie mistake and will not be really successful.

You see, those sites are already solving the same problem your site is, or it’s very similar. And therefore won’t post a link.

To be truly successful in link building you’ll have to dig a little deeper. It’ll be explained further in the three link building techniques in this post. Hopefully, after you understand all techniques, and you understand why they work, you’ll be able to think of techniques on your own.
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