SEO consultancy

Every site wants to rank high in Google and they all want to rank high as soon as possible. I help businesses rank higher on an hourly or retainer basis.

I work closely together with the businesses and their teams. The goal is to make large improvements and make them fast. It depends on the type of business on what steps to take. Some businesses have trouble getting content up, others are rockstars in producing high end newsworthy content. I’ll use the assets that the business already has to improve search rankings where possible.

At the roots I’m an SEO nerd. I love trying new ways to outrank competitors or to get more traffic from Google. When working together I’ll brief clients on new Google developments or test results I’ve done. This way I, and the businesses I work with, stay ahead on the curve. I only work with one business in each niche (I don’t work with multiple competing clients at the same time).

To give you an idea on how I work, an SEO strategy often looks like the following:

  • First, a call to get familiar with the business and how different operational processes are organized. To get a feel for where the business is at in regards to SEO and how to make the biggest changes possible with the business’ team.
  • Then I’ll analyze the current state of SEO and where to go next. I’ll define short term goals en long term goals. This will also be the starting point from where we relate to in the future.
  • From this first analysis I’ll find a list of quick wins we can deploy to quickly rank higher with the least amount of effort.
  • Every month we have a call and look at the gains in rankings, competitors, work done and what the next steps to take are. These steps repeat and each month the site grows in ranking and revenue.

I prefer working long term with clients and I often stay with clients for multiple years. I’m very flexible though, you can stop the agreement at any time and scale down in consultancy hours if needed. Scaling up depends on the amount of time I’m available.

Most often I recommend to scale down on monthly consultancy hours as the clients’ teams start to operate autonomously and the site is ranking well.

I work based on an hourly rate or a monthly retainer.

If you want to work with me, or you’re interested in an hour of free consulting to get a feel for my services, feel free to email me via the form below.

I'll contact you within 24 hours.