1 hour free SEO consultation

This service is completely free for businesses who are looking for the right SEO specialist to help them further. I’ll do a site audit and give hands on advice over a Skype call. During the call I won’t hold back and try to cram in as much hands on advice as possible.

During the call I’ll keep an eye on the type of business you’re in. Every business is in a different growth stage and needs different advice. Some bigger businesses have trouble developing content for link building and might be better of using different techniques than others. Local businesses need a completely different strategy to rank high in Google.

After the 1 hour free consultation you’ll know:

  • What keywords are the most important short term and long term. Which keywords will get you the best results in the shortest time.
  • Quick wins in regards to content.
  • Technical advice on how to rank better in Google. Optimizing navigational structure, filtered search, big sites etc.
  • Newest SEO advice in regards to the latest developments in Google and how to stay ahead of the curve. This won’t be shared on the blog.

After the consultation you’ll have about a month’s amount of work to get started on your SEO campaign.

The consultation is completely free of charge for all businesses. All businesses can apply, from small local businesses to big international brands.

To apply, enter the form below: